CSI is proud to provide inspection and certification services to many public and private utilities located in Canada and the United States. We annually inspect over 50,000 utility poles, marine piles and foundation piles to various standards and specifications including CSA O80, AWPA, CSA O15, ANSI 05.1, CSA O56, WAPA and RUS. In order to meet the demands of their customer’s third-party inspection and certification specifications, treating plants turn to CSI for honest, reliable inspection services.

Our bridge timber inspection projects include the Myra Canyon Trestles in Kelowna, British Columbia. Each of our treated wood inspectors are certified lumber graders that are able to follow a project from start to finish. Grading issues, should they arise, are brought to the attention of the manufacturer before costly framing, incising and treating has been completed.

CSI is the leader in Preserved Wood Foundation (PWF) certification ensuring our clients deliver the highest quality products to the Canadian home builder. We work together with our clients to find the most efficient treating cycles and appropriate solution concentrations for products that exceed industry specifications and stay within strict company budgets. Since 1996, CSI certified plants have produced more PWF wood products in Canada than any other agency.

CSI uses the Oxford Instruments LabX-3500 for the analysis of CCA, Cu and pentachlorophenol wood and solution samples.